The Kia EV9 Is a Giant Electric SUV With Swivel Seats

kia ev9
The Kia EV9 Is a Giant EV SUV With Swivel SeatsKia

The Kia EV9 is a striking, gargantuan electric crossover, and follows Kia's smash-hit EV6 as the next vehicle in its lineup of new-generation EVs. Like the EV6, Hyundai Ioniq 5, Hyundai Ioniq 6, and Genesis GV60, it rides on the Hyundai Motor Group's E-GMP electric vehicle architecture. Also like those products, it comes with bold, futuristic styling.

Kia's announcement focused solely on the styling. Technical details regarding powertrains, range, and suspension technology won't be announced until later this month. For now, Kia has a lot to say about the EV9's styling, which is says combines elements inspired by nature with bold elements from the human material world. The front is an evolution of Kia's famous "Tiger" grille, which defined the last decade of the brand. This one is a "Digital Tiger" face, with a blanked out midsection and cubic lights with matrix LEDs capable of projecting complex animated patterns for welcome lighting and things of the sort.

Inside, the EV9 looks like a 2030 Telluride. The core design theme and layout is similar to current Kia products, but the lines are cleaner and the material and color choices are more ambitious. The seats are the coolest part. Both front and second rows can recline simultaneously while charging, giving everyone room to lay back and catch a nap. It's the second row, though, with the real party trick. Those seats can swivel to face the third row, so you can play games or chat with the third-row passengers without having to swivel your neck.

kia ev9

Unlike the Telluride, though, seating caps out at seven. The third row is a two-seat unit, and the second row comes as either captain's chairs or a middle bench.


Pricing, specs, and release date are all unknowns at this time. Kia says we'll learn more at the global premier of the EV9 in late March.

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