Kia Says Goodbye to Stinger With a Tribute Video and I'm Not Crying I Swear

Photo:  Kia
Photo: Kia

It’s time to say goodbye to the Kia Stinger. The sports sedan that shocked us all when it made its debut in 2017 is heading to the great dealership in the sky, due to two things: low sales and electrification. But before Kia pulls the plug, the automaker decided to send the Stinger off in a proper, respectful way, with a tribute video that’s definitely not making me teary-eyed right now. It’s my allergies, I swear.

In case you missed it:

Kia Stinger Tribute

The video takes place as a conversation between a Stinger and an EV6 GT like two old friends who haven’t seen each other in a while. The two compare their specs and accolades before the conversation takes a turn toward jealousy and one-upsmanship.


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The EV6 has 575 hp; the Stinger got tons of accolades from the automotive press when it debuted. But that little spiciness doesn’t last as the two take to the track in what’s like a last waltz between friends. The EV6 says “It’s an honor to be on track with you” before the video closes by saying “GT will continue the legacy.” The Stinger is passing its performance torch to the EV6 GT as the brand goes electric.

Screenshot:  Kia Worldwide
Screenshot: Kia Worldwide

Admittedly, it’s a sad, sappy video, but one detail in particular got me: This shot of the Stinger Tribute Edition’s door sill plate, number 1,000 — the final final Stinger.

For the past few months, Kia has been a little coy about the end of Stinger production, despite rumors swirling for years. But in December, the automaker finally confirmed that 2023 would be the final model year, and announced the Tribute Edition.

Kia has announced details of a new, ultra-exclusive, ultimate-specification Stinger Tribute Edition. Limited to just 1,000 examples worldwide, the Tribute Edition pays homage to Kia’s high-performance vision, and celebrates the Stinger sedan’s significant contribution to the brand since its introduction in 2017, as production of the groundbreaking model comes to an end.

“As we enter a new age of mobility, Kia will satisfy the needs of customers who seek to enjoy elevated levels of dynamic driving pleasure through high-performance electrified models such as the EV6 GT. And the brand’s strategy to continue accelerating the development of innovative electrification technologies will ensure that sustainability and strong performance combine effortlessly under the Kia badge,” Chang Sung Ryu added.

As to the Stinger, I bid you adieu. You weren’t long for this world and unfortunately, not enough buyers appreciated you.

But you were a hell of an effort. I’ll remember you as an unexpected slap across the face that car enthusiasts never saw coming.

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