Kid On A Honda Grom Tries Outrunning Police

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Kid On A Honda Grom Tries Outrunning Police
Kid On A Honda Grom Tries Outrunning Police

He learns a hard lesson as a result.

Out of all the vehicles one might choose to use for running from the cops, the Honda Grom is perhaps one of the worst options out there. With a furious 124cc four-stroke, air-cooled engine, well they’re anything but fast. And while they’re excellent bikes for new riders, they’re just not something one would use as a getaway vehicle.

Watch a guy on a moped try running from police here.

We’ll be kind and attribute the actions of this young man to his youth. Perhaps he watched too many movies where actors and stuntmen in average vehicles were able to make a whole fleet of cops look stupid and incompetent because the plot needed it to happen. Real life is a lot different, kid.


And maybe this kid had the mistaken notion that running from the cops makes one cool and smart. It’s actually quite the opposite. In fictional accounts it can make for exciting storytelling, but real life is far different.

The kid who runs looks to not have a license plat for his Grom while his buddy at least has a temporary paper tag. That’s another mistake we hope is just youthful stupidity. After acting like he’s pulling over for the Arkansas trooper, the kid takes off on his tiny motorcycle like he’s Steve McQueen even though he’s not even a fraction as cool.

At least he seems to understand that his advantage isn’t in straight-line acceleration but instead tight maneuverability. What he doesn’t calculate for is multiple police cars descending on the area at once.

He gets pitted pretty hard and goes down like a limp fish. Instead of staying down, the kid gets back up and so a cop takes him down personally before others rush in to cuff him. We’re guessing this guy has never had a run-in with police before, but he got a rude introduction to staying down once you’re on the ground.

Hopefully next time this kid just pulls over and deals with a traffic stop, even if he thinks it’s not going to be a pleasant experience.