Kid Rides In Dodge Challenger’s Trunk

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Kid Rides In Dodge Challenger’s Trunk
Kid Rides In Dodge Challenger’s Trunk

People for the most part are outraged after video footage of a child riding in the trunk of a Dodge Challenger surfaced online. The brief video shows the boy, who is reportedly 12 years old, with this head barely showing above the car’s rear bumper as the trunk lid was open.

Father ditches his kids in a stolen car as he runs from police.

According to WSB-TV, he was helping hold a white baby bassinet as his mother transported it home. She had purchased the item earlier from someone selling it online. Allegedly, her son volunteered to hold onto the bassinet so it wouldn’t fall out of the trunk as they went home.


A lot of people wanted a harsh punishment for the mother, including jail time and worse, with quite a few spicy suggestions on social media. However, others pointed out the Mopar wasn’t going as fast as the other cars, suggesting that the mother was trying to be cautious.

We’re not going to try justifying what the mother did, regardless of the son allegedly volunteering to ride in the trunk. After all, kids get all kinds of dumb ideas and as parents it’s our role to offer correction or sometimes stand in the way of decisions that are harmful. This was one of those times.

Police also didn’t make excuses for the mother, whom we’re guessing is pregnant and that’s why she bought the bassinet. The used Flock cameras to get an image of the Challenger’s license plate, then showed up at the woman’s home, arresting her and slapping her with reckless driving and a seatbelt violation.

Some think she should’ve been charged with child endangerment or worse. The report mentions the mother bonded out of jail but her son was placed “with family members” before she was booked. We don’t know if that means he’s still not at home.

Had the mother though everything through, she wouldn’t realized had another car slammed into the back of hers her son likely would’ve been killed. Having kids riding in a trunk for any reason is just a bad idea.

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