Kid Rock's General Lee Cybertruck Rolls So Many Bad Ideas Into One

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Remember “The Dukes Of Hazzard,” that neat little show that went off the air 40 years ago yet inexplicably remains a major part of car culture to this day? Well, Kid Rock remembers, and he apparently loved the show so much that he elected to adorn a new Cybertruck with the General Lee’s enduring livery.

Rock rode into the annual rodeo he inexplicably hosts in the bed of the Cybertruck, with John Schneider — Bo Duke himself — behind the wheel. The truck faithfully replicates nearly everything about the original show’s Charger, same one crucial element: The roof. Rock may have flown the Confederate flag at his shows for years, but apparently sticking one on the Cybertruck would be a bridge too far.

Cybertruck ownership is really only suited to the already rich, folks who can afford to sit around while their six-figure vehicle lies broken at a service center. Rock, a lifelong Michigander born to a dealership magnate, seems to fit the bill: Wealthy folks who don’t need a truck, but want one for the aesthetic.


Rock would likely even get along well with the Cybertruck’s greatest advocate: Elon Musk. Musk has a long history of boosting transphobic content online, and would likely love Rock’s fully armed response to Bud Light’s Dylan Mulvaney sponsorship. Birds of a feather, these two.

It’s not clear whether Rock actually owns the Cybertruck, or whether it was a rental or even sourced from a local owner. Other General Lee Cybertrucks do exist, incredibly, but none seem to perfectly match Rock’s chariot. That means there are at least three of these things out there in the wild, counting Rock’s. Truly an incredible time to be alive.

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