Get Your Kids Into Lowrider Culture Early With This Custom Pedal Car

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How do you get kids into car culture? Do you buy them Hot Wheels, take them go-karting, or bring them out to see the biggest races in real life? No. You give them this perfect lowrider pedal car and watch them fall in love immediately.

The paint alone is worth the price of admission, that intricate detailing so popular on full-sized low riders scaled down here to kid proportions. Yet, somehow, that’s not the best part — that lies in the car’s bouncing hydraulic suspension.

Actual lowriders are increasingly using air suspension, but this mini-me claims to be built old-school — genuine hydraulics under the body. Granted, that comes from the description that reads “Custom painted lowrider pedal car with hydrolics, speaker and lights,” so, grain of salt.


Oddly, the listing also embeds a TikTok of the pedal car that claims to have been taken in Mexico. Whether that’s true or not, the car is now for sale right here in New York for $2,300. Expensive, sure, but can you put a price on giving your kid a lifelong love of cars?

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