Kim Kardashian’s Kid Owns A Mini Cybertruck

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Kim Kardashian’s Kid Owns A Mini Cybertruck
Kim Kardashian’s Kid Owns A Mini Cybertruck

Like certain other celebrities, Kim Kardashian is the proud new owner of a Tesla Cybertruck. While we seriously doubt the payload will ever see a speck of dirt, the all-electric fashion accessory was missing something: a matching ride-in toy for her son. That wrong was rectified by grandma Kris Jenner who gifted 5-year-old Psalm a Power Wheels-style Cybertruck toy for his birthday.

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Kim shared footage of her son’s joy at getting the new vehicle on her Instagram stories. In the video, Jenner can be heard saying “Now you match mommy, huh?” off camera.


A subsequent video shows the young boy driving the mini Cybertruck around the backyard. He seemed quite pleased as his older sister rode in the toy with him.

While Kardashian has done a great job raising awareness about this fancy toy, it’s not even available for purchase through Tesla anymore. There was already a run on the Cybertruck for Kids, which costs a hefty $1,500.

For that price it is, of course, all-electric but also boasts rear-wheel drive, an adjustable seat, electric brakes, LED headlights/taillights, and  design which mimics the real thing. Tesla says the range tops out at 12 miles and the toy can go up to 10 mph.

We found different websites selling the Cybertruck for Kids with a healthy markup, so you can still get one but for significantly more. Obviously some people will see that as an acceptable price to pay just so their kids have a smaller version of their beloved ride.

Tesla has been allowing celebrities like Kardashian to get a Cybertruck in hopes they will show off the geometric-shaped all-electric pickup through social media and paparazzi photos. That strategy seems to be working well enough as images of famous people behind the wheel of their newly acquired Tesla are all over the place.

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