Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her $300K Custom Range Rover

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Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her $300K Custom Range Rover
Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her $300K Custom Range Rover

Kim Kardashian has recently added a bespoke Range Rover to her extensive collection of luxury vehicles. Known for her diverse business ventures and international fame, Kardashian also garners attention for her impressive garage filled with meticulously customized cars. Her latest acquisition, a $306,000 Range Rover, has been expertly modified by Urban Automotive and Platinum Motorsports, resulting in a vehicle that epitomizes high-end customization and aesthetic appeal.

The most striking aspect of this custom Range Rover is its comprehensive carbon fiber body kit, which not only enhances the vehicle's visual appeal but also provides a wider and more aggressive stance. This extensive body modification is complemented by a custom satin silver paint job, an exclusive addition that alone incurs a cost of nearly $20,000. Beyond these significant changes, the vehicle is further distinguished by its 24-inch Forgiato Cactus Jack wheels, a rare monoblock set that underscores the uniqueness of Kardashian’s vehicle.

The combination of these elements—body kit, custom paint, and bespoke wheels—ensures that this Range Rover stands out even among Kardashian's collection of head-turning cars. The customization reflects both the craftsmanship of Urban Automotive and Platinum Motorsports and Kardashian’s distinctive style and aesthetic preferences.


This addition to Kardashian’s fleet not only highlights her penchant for high-performance luxury vehicles but also underscores the growing trend of personalizing high-end SUVs to reflect individual tastes and preferences. With its striking design and superior modifications, Kim Kardashian’s new Range Rover serves as a testament to her ongoing influence in the realms of both fashion and automotive customization.

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