Kimera Evo38 is Lancia 037 reborn with 600bhp, four-wheel drive

Evo38 side 2
Evo38 side 2

The Kimera Evo38 has been created as a “what would have been” if the 037’s lineage had continued

The Kimera Evo38 has been revealed as a vision of “what would have been” if the legendary, WRC-winning Lancia 037 had continued being developed beyond 1992, rather than retired.

It's an evolution of the Italian firm’s debut model, the Evo37, with the most notable modification being the addition of a driven front axle to make this a true Integrale, in Lancia parlance - and bringing to fruition a concept for a 4WD 037 that never materialised in period.

Kimera said it's “the further and ultimate evolution of a concept of cars conceived for racing and then transferred to the roads: pure, analogical, physical and mechanical cars, forged by creative flair, craftsmanship, practical manual skills and irreplaceably human sensibilities.”


Like the 4WD rally cars that came onto the scene following the demise of Group B (the category in which Lancia was often dominant), the Evo38 features an electrohydraulic differential that can be calibrated from the cockpit to give the driver precise control over how much power is sent to each axle.

While the 4WD system notionally gives the Evo38 more controlled and precise handling over the Evo37, Kimera highlights that the differential set-up also means it can still be driven with the front wheels disconnected from the drivetrain.

So too does the Evo38 offer greater potential for configuration of the suspension settings with motorised shock absorbers controlled via buttons on the steering wheel, while a new suspension lift function prepares the car for more extreme terrains - or speed bumps.