Kitten Plays Hide And Seek In Several Cars

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Kitten Plays Hide And Seek In Several Cars
Kitten Plays Hide And Seek In Several Cars

A kitten showed off its ability to move quickly and hide in tight spots after it hitched a ride in a car’s engine compartment. Even once firefighters showed up to rescue the tiny feline from the predicament, it decided to run and hide in the engine compartment’s and suspension components of several other cars.

Watch people work together to save a runaway chihuahua on a busy freeway.

They say everything is bigger in Texas but this incident, which went down in Converse back on January 5, proves that wrong. After all, the little black cat isn’t exactly huge, although it did put up a big fight as you can see from the photos. Just look at that little guy extend his claws and howl!


According to Fort Worth Star-Telegram, a driver thinks the kitten climbed inside his car’s engine compartment, riding from New Braunfels to Converse, or about 20 miles. That’s amazing since many times animals get caught in belts or other moving parts, dying and also causing serious mechanical damage to the vehicle.

A crowd gathered to watch the little black cat play Houdini with firefighters, then cheered when it was finally caught. This kind of entertainment not only is real life, it’s better than the crap on Netflix and network TV.

The fire department announced on Facebook that the owner of one of the three vehicles the little kitten used for hiding spots decided to adopt the feline. Perhaps they were charmed by the cleverness of the animal. We just hope it doesn’t try running away or hiding in their HVAC system.

There are all kinds of tips out there to supposedly ensure there isn’t a cat or other animal hiding in your engine compartment before you start up your car. Some people say to smack the hood with your hand, others suggest honking your horn or sprinkling cayenne pepper around your ride.

Images via Converse Fire Department