Kroy Biermann’s Rolls-Royce Cullinan Is Up For Repossession

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Kroy Biermann’s Rolls-Royce Cullinan Is Up For Repossession
Kroy Biermann’s Rolls-Royce Cullinan Is Up For Repossession

Retired NFL outside linebacker Kroy Biermann apparently is suffering some big financial setbacks. After living large with a professional athlete’s salary, it appears the former football player is getting his Rolls-Royce repossessed after allegedly ghosting BMW while not sending in payments for the ultra-luxury car.

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The couple has been seen numerous times with their Rolls-Royce Cullinan, which looks rather striking with white paint and black exterior trim. Despite it having being a signature feature in their public image, it appears the leased vehicle hasn’t been paid for in some time, at least according to a TMZ report.

Kroy allegedly hasn’t replied to messages from BMW, which owns the Rolls-Royce brand and so is leasing the Cullinan to Biermann, in several months. A judge has already ruled in favor of the automaker, so the ultra-luxury SUV is up for repossession with Kroy ordered to surrender it immediately.

If the former NFL player decides to play any games with BMW on the repossession, things could conceivably get ugly. After all, this isn’t over some cheap Kia but instead a vehicle that’s worth more than a lot of people’s houses.

BMW says the terms of the 3-year lease were $5,297.64 a month for a total of about $190,000. That’s enough to make most people gasp, but we guess at least at first it was no big deal to Biermann.

According to TMZ, Kroy “hasn’t uttered a peep in his defense” for the court case. Why exactly is a mystery, but it sounds like BMW might have to play hardball to get the Rolls-Royce back.

All these financial troubles might have something to do with Bravo cancelling the Biermanns’ Don’t Be Tardy reality TV series back in May of 2021. We’re sure the show, which enjoyed a cult following of a sort, was providing a tidy sum of money that’s currently being greatly missed. And most people have forgotten Biermann’s NFL career at this point. Reality comes at you fast.

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