Lamborghini Details the Aventador Successor's New 6.5-liter Hybrid V-12

lamborghini l545 v12 engine hybrid
Lamborghini Details Its New 6.5-liter Hybrid V-12Lamborghini

The Lamborghini Aventador’s successor, known internally as LB744, is slated to arrive for next month's 60th-anniversary celebration. While the team in Sant'Agata has managed to keep details about the supercar under wraps, the brand is now ready to do a bit of teasing. Lamborghini confirmed details Tuesday about the car’s all-new 6.5-liter hybrid V-12 powertrain, which the automaker says will pump out 1001 horsepower.

The LB744 will arrive as the first high-performance electrified vehicle in regular series production from Lamborghini just in time for the brand’s 60th anniversary. The Aventador successor should be quite the present for fans, bringing an all-new architecture, engine, gearbox, and hybrid system to the supercar. The powertrain all starts with the new L545 V-12 engine, which is 37 pounds lighter than the unit it replaces. The motor is rotated through 180 degrees compared to the outgoing V-12 as well, supporting a maximum rev range of 9500 rpm. Specific output is up to 126 hp/liter, thanks to adjustments to intake flow, better control of ionization in the combustion chamber, a free-flowing exhaust, and a higher 12.6:1 compression ratio.

The motor will work in tandem with three electric motors: two motors are mounted on the front axle with a third mounted between the engine and gearbox. The two front motors are each 110-kW units, weighing in at just under 41 pounds a piece. The front axle is able to use those motors to provide torque vectoring and regen capabilities. The LB744 can also run exclusively on the front axle in EV-only mode, making this the first Lamborghini model to be operable as a front-driver. All four wheels can be driven under EV conditions, however.

lamborghini l545 v12 engine hybrid

The third electric motor is mounted above the brand’s new eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Unlike the Aventador, the LB744 will feature a transverse-mounted gearbox that sits behind the engine. Only the Miura and the Essenza SCV12 before this have featured a gearbox behind one of the brand’s V-12s. This motor powers the rear wheels when in certain drive modes or when conditions support the extra boost. The area once utilized as a trans tunnel will now house lithium-ion batteries, which together provide a total capacity of 3.8 kWh. Lamborghini says a charge only takes 30 minutes on a plug, or just six minutes using the V-12 as a generator. Customers can also use the brakes to earn back a bit of juice under deceleration.


Lamborghini should have more information to share about the upcoming LB744 and its unique powertrain when the brand celebrates its 60th anniversary in May.

lamborghini l545 v12 engine hybrid diagram

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