Lamborghini Huracans Nabbed by Police As Alleged Thieves Blast Across Wyoming

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Modern-Day Cattle Rustlers, Lamborghini-Style?Wyoming Highway Patrol

Rustling cattle has been around as long as there's been an American West, but this is a whole new take on it. According to the Wyoming Highway Patrol, two men were arrested for allegedly trying to smuggle a pair of rented Lamborghini Huracans from Utah to Colorado — only to be foiled when cops pulled them over, police say.

Andrew Adam Blackman, 35, and Dassman Fadil, 32, have both been arrested and charged with felony theft. The men are suspected of shutting off the GPS trackers on two Utah rental Lamborghinis and smuggling them through Wyoming, according to a report by Cowboy State Daily.

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The cars are reportedly both owned by Joseph Lober of New Port Richey, Florida, who had reported the vehicles stolen, according to the affidavit. The white Lamborghini is a 2019 model year car, which appears to be a Huracan LP 640-4 Performante Spyder model; Lober reportedly estimates the value of that car at $320,000. The green Lamborghini is a 2015 Huracan that the owner claims is valued at $234,000. Neither blends in with typical Wyoming traffic, as the suspects recently discovered.


On May 26, Wyoming Highway Patrol received a call from dispatch that a white and a green Lamborghini were speeding down Interstate 80 in Wyoming. (According to the rental agreement, the cars were not to leave the state of Utah.) The highway patrol stopped the white Lamborghini in Carbon County, Wyoming; Blackman was driving on a suspended Colorado license and Fadil was in the passenger seat, according to police.

As the white Lamborghini was pulled over, the green Lamborghini rode past on the back of a flatbed, according to the report. Police then stopped the tow truck to question the driver, who said he was contacted by a man who instructed him to pick up the green Lamborghini at Silver Creek Road in Park City, Utah and take it to an address in Thornton, Colorado. The tow truck driver and towing company have not been charged with any crimes.

Blackman told police the car had rented by a friend, and he was allowed to drive it to Denver. He also said that he barely knew the man accompanying him in the very tight cabin, having just met him in Salt Lake City. Blackman went on to say that the green car had a flat tire, police said, so he called to have it towed to Denver. Fadil told the police that he didn’t know the cars were stolen.

Needless to say, the police didn’t buy any of the stories. Wyoming Highway Patrol Trooper Jay Scheel stated in his report that “the statements made by the occupants of the vehicle are inconsistent and implausible, when compared to the statements made by the reporting party and the tow truck driver.”

The two men face penalties of up to 10 years in prison and $10,000 in fines.

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