Lamborghini’s Next Supercar: 20 Copies At $1.2 Million

For all the cars on display during the Pebble Beach weekend, the most exclusive show took place in a locked room — where a handful of wealthy guests got to see Lamborghini unveil a hologram.

The unique presentation was a teaser for a vehicle the Italian sports car maker won’t unveil for another seven months at the 2016 Geneva motor show. Lamborghini declined to discuss details, but Yahoo Autos has learned the new car will be a rare and expensive beast — starting around $1.2 million, with just 20 copies set to be built.

Such a program falls in line with previous Lamborghini low-volume specialty cars: the Veneno coupe and roadster, and the Reventon. It also means the new Lamborghini will be far rarer than the hybrid hypercars — the McLaren P1, the LaFerrari and Porsche 918 — that will likely be its performance target.

It’s a unique strategy; while high-end luxury carmakers will customize any and every feature for the right price (and in the case of McLaren and Ferrari, even build cars to customer designs), only Lamborghini has done so many limited models in recent years unique exteriors and performance. Only 12 Venenos — three coupes and nine roadsters — were built.

Stephan Winkelmann, Lamborghini’s chief executive, said the strategy worked as both a branding exercise and a way for the company’s engineers to flex beyond the usual daily rigors by building street-legal machines.

“We want to showcase innovations…there are still a lot of ideas in our heads,” Winkelmann told Yahoo Autos. “We don’t want to do concept cars for the museum. We want to give customers the potential to enjoy the cars on the road.”

Beyond the new hypercar, Lamborghini has several other models in progress, ahead of its biggest project in years, the launch of the Urus SUV in 2018. By the time that model hits full production, Lamborghini will likely have doubled its output from the roughly 3,000 cars it sells annually worldwide.

“We have focused, by necessity, on the super sports cars,” Winkelmann said. “Now the brand is ready for the next step.”