Lancia Relaunches as an EV Maker with New Logo

2022 lancia pura zero concept
Lancia Relaunches as an EV Maker with New LogoLancia
  • Lancia reveals new logo and design language as it prepares for a battery-electric future for the brand, unveiling Pu+Ra Zero concept.

  • The design language of the new Lancia will draw on the classic Flaminia and Aurelia models for inspiration, as the brand plans new Ypsilon and Delta models.

  • Part of Stellantis, Lancia is now positioning itself as an electric luxury brand with the first new model due in 2024.

US enthusiasts might best remember Lancia for the angular Scorpion coupe of the 1970s, or many of its sporting sedans and coupes of decades past, but the brand is still very much alive, even if it went through a strange period of badge engineering in the era of Fiat Chrysler. During that time we saw the likes of the Chrysler 300C gain a new grille along with Thema badging, while the Chrysler Voyager became the Lancia Voyager through a similarly quick grille swapping process.

Those were not high points of Lancia history.

That's why Lancia is experiencing a relaunch at the moment, wiping the slate clean, and reinventing itself as an electric-only marque during a Design Day event this week in Italy.

Lancia unveiled its new logo for this new age, but the concept it has shown is... far closer to a 24th century starship than a car.

"The new era of Lancia starts today with a new Logo and a clear design vision," explained Luca Napolitano, Lancia CEO. "In anticipation of the new Ypsilon, the first vehicle of the new Lancia, we are introducing Lancia Pu+Ra Zero, a sculpture, a three-dimensional manifesto which inspires the vehicles that will be launched between 2024 and 2028."

The new logo is a major milestone in itself, as during its 116-year history Lancia has had only seven logos.

The redesigned logo is meant to signify the start of the era of electric mobility, and will be first applied to the new Ypsilon—the marque's upcoming flagship. The new Lancia Delta will wear the new logo as well.

2022 lancia pura zero concept
A new logo draws on LanciaLancia

The updated badge is dubbed Progressive Classic, as a nod to the 1957 version that first appeared on the Lancia Flaminia. Along with a new logo the marque will adopt new lettering with an original font—both slated to be integrated into the brand starting in 2024.

The marque previewed its new design language with a sculpture that is perhaps more nautical than automotive in nature.

"Born from the crasis of the words 'Pure' and 'Radical,' Lancia Pu+Ra Design is the name of (Lancia's) new and sustainable design language, which inspired the future style of Lancia cars, and that will be unique and destined to last," the company said.

Lancia elaborated on its past and its future direction in a special video, released during its Design Day.

The automaker also indicated it will rely on the sensual and pure shapes of the classic Aurelia and Flaminia in designing future models.

"With Lancia Pu+Ra Design, the volumes of the new vehicles are created by successive layering, adding and intersecting elementary and iconic shapes, such as the circle, rectangle, and triangle, and combining them with eclectic details. The result is an overall language that is not typically automotive," the automaker added.

2022 lancia pura zero concept
The Pu+Ra Zero concept sculpture is meant to preview some of the design language that future models will use, though the sculpture itself should probably not be taken too literally.Lancia

The automaker will rely on sustainable materials in its interiors, as well as Italian furniture design. The first three-dimensional manifesto of the new design language, as Lancia has termed it, contains the visual essence of the upcoming Delta and Ypsilon cars.

"The Lancia Pu+Ra Zero front features are a reinterpretation of Lancia's historic grille, the 'calice,' now projected into the future through three rays of light to make it iconic and memorable," the automaker said. "This new pure, technological and with a unique identity 'calice' will be on all three of Lancia's new vehicles, making them instantly recognizable during the day and the night."

The Lancia Pu+Ra Zero is meant to pay homage to the classic lines of the Aurelia B20 as well as the Flaminia—cars that will guide designers crafting the new Ypsilon and Delta.

The taillights, meanwhile, are a direct reference to the Stratos—a rally legend—and will in fact be used on the upcoming Ypsilon.

Inside the two upcoming models, Lancia plans to partner with design consultancy Cassina, founded in 1927, which creates designer furniture that is made to stand the test of time. Lancia and Cassina will collaborate on a future project, the automaker indicated.

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