Large Pile Of Meat Found On Side Of Ohio Road, And No, It’s Not Your Mom

Photo: Washington County Sheriff’s Office
Photo: Washington County Sheriff’s Office

A large pile of meat was seemingly dumped on the side of the road in Ohio, and contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t your mom. I know, I’m as surprised as everyone else is right now.

No one is exactly sure why or how the meat got there, but the Washington County Sheriff’s Office was apparently told about the meat by the Grandview Township Trustees that a “large amount” of meat had been dumped along Grandview Hill Road, according to WTRF News.

It was apparently dumped there sometime during the night between May 9 and May 10. Here’s more of what makes up the huge pile of meat, from WTAP News:

“Eyewitness description was pork loins, sausage, bacon, steaks, chicken, shrimp,” said Washington County Health Department Director of Environmental Health Joshua Lane. “It certainly was a wide variety of meats that apparently had gone bad or needed to be disposed of.”

Grandview Township officials pushed the meat to the side of the road shortly thereafter and covered most of it with dirt, but as of Thursday afternoon, the putrid pile was still there, feeding the local fauna and breeding maggots.

Lane said the property where the meat was dumped is part of Wayne National Forest. “It’s on Wayne National Forest property,” Lane said. “One of the bad things about solid waste is that the property owner may not be responsible for the dumping at all; however, it does then fall on them, especially when we can’t figure out who actually did the dumping.”


Because was dumped on federal land, what the Health Department can actually do is fairly limited, even if they could remove the meat quickly, Lane told WTAP.

Some folks are worried about what meat could mean for them healthwise, as they probably should be.

One resident of the area expressed concern that the meat could pose a public health risk, particularly due to its proximity to a stream. Lane said that thankfully, other than the nuisance of an unpleasant smell, the meat doesn’t pose a public health threat to the people who live on or near Grandview Hill Rd.

“Our health specialist that was out said that it was over 100 yards from where this pile is to the stream, so I don’t think there’s really much concern there,” Lane said. “It’s not going to be much different than if you had a deer carcass or any other dead animal that might die by a stream or something. It’s just the amount, the large amount of meat that’s there.”

Right now, it seems as if the true meat dropper is in the wind, but the Washington County Sheriff’s Office has opened an investigation while the meat festers in the Ohio sun, looking more and more like your mom every day.

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