Las Vegas Brothel Offers Free Services To Formula One Drivers

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Las Vegas Brothel Offers Free Services To Formula One Drivers
Las Vegas Brothel Offers Free Services To Formula One Drivers

Theres’s a lot of controversy surrounding this weekend’s Las Vegas Grand Prix. While many worry it’s going to be a tremendous blunder for Formula One, which has struggled to really capture the interest of Americans at large, there’s another story which might prove even more popular involving a famous brothel in Las Vegas.

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That’s right, the Chicken Ranch, which apparently is well-known for things, is offering free, uhm, services to all F1 drivers while they’re in the area, reports TMZ. So even if you’re not excited for the Las Vegas Grand Prix, some of the drivers might be a little more excited than usual.


According to the report, the offer for a free session at the ranch is extended to all racers ahead of the race on Saturday. We guess they want to give drivers that extra uplift before they compete or something.

TMZ reports that others enjoy half off for the weekend in a marketing move that’s sure to make waves. This also acts a distraction from reports that despite being the most expensive grand prix in F1’s 24 races for the season, shockingly few tickets have been sold.

It seems organizers have greatly overestimated demand. Perhaps the Chicken Ranch will find they have the same problem despite this rather innovative marketing move at the last minute?

With reports floating around of tickets which cost thousands, hotels gouging at rates that will make your eyes pop out, and multi-million dollar hospitality offerings to attendees of the grand prix, perhaps those who do venture to the desert for the event will be looking for every deal possible.

Unlike in other states, brothels like the Chicken Ranch employ licensed sex workers and is sanctioned by the government. That might be a very familiar and welcome element for some of the drivers considering they hail from or now live in places with similar practices.

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