LaTocha Scott Tearfully Apologizes To Sister Tamika, Insists She Didn’t Steal $30K

LaTocha Scott has addressed recent allegations of stealing $30K from sister and Xscape group mate Tamika Scott. In a clip taken from her Instagram Live, the gospel artist apologizes for the strife between them, but maintains that she did not steal the money.

“For me and my sister, we gon’ get it together. I’m reaching out. I don’t have the answers. I found out about a $30,000 allegation when I watched TV with y’all,” LaTocha began. “Did I take my sister’s money? I did not.”

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“We were going through so much 10, 11 years ago together as a family,” she went on. “It was one of the things that—I can’t lie—we were both at our lowest. We didn’t have money. We all lived with my mother […] So, when you talk about $30,000 that I don’t know anything about, all I said is ‘can we get clarity about it?’ During that time, we were both helping one another, I just need clarity. ‘Cause I have my receipts and you have yours.”

Scott went on to add, “We need to sit down as sisters and not go through this on social media. Like, on social media, it’s not good. We need to sit down and figure out what this is ’cause we can get through anything, but we have to communicate […] I’ve been convicted of being a thief, and I don’t even know what you’re talking about.”

She then addressed her sister by name, reinforcing the notion that she has “proof” refuting Tamika’s claims and continued to make her plea. “Whatever it is, Tamika, we can resolve it. This is not nothing that we need to perpetuate and continue to move and make people feel a way. This is us. We sisters. We’ve never not been able to talk about anything, not ever […] I want my family back,” said Scott.

“I apologize to you, Tamika, if I didn’t hear you. If I didn’t hear your voice. I’m sorry. I’m trying my best to make it. I’m trying to weather storms in my own personal life. I’m not tryna negate how y’all’s feelings are; I have to still have peace within […] but when y’all see me looking like this, I’m in my feelings and I’m in my feelings when it comes down to my family.”

As far as public opinion is concerned, Scott made it clear she doesn’t want any comments or DMs regarding this strife with her sister. “I love my sister. Can’t nobody else come talk about it. Don’t call me talkin’ about my sister. Don’t text me talkin’ about my sister. Do not DM me talkin’ about my sister because we’re going through this. It’s just the fact that we’re in the public eye […] Don’t judge us. Pray for us.”

Tamika previously stated that she doesn’t want an apology from Scott, but rather told LaTocha, “go somewhere and repent and ask God to forgive you and your husband, who’s out here being triflin’, lying on me and my other group members, sending threat text messages and then turning around and do a video saying the same thing that’s in the threat text.”

Later in Scott’s video, she admitted that she and Bivens are in an open relationship amid infidelity claims and stated, “How do you all know I’m strong enough to handle this? I feel so alone.”

The saga continues between these Xscape bandmates, ahead of the release of Scott’s new gospel album. See a preview from the next episode of SWV and Xscape: Queens Of R&B below.

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