Laura Geller Shares Her Top Face-Transforming Makeup Tips For Women Over 40

laura geller
Laura Geller Shares Makeup Tips For Mature SkinLaura Geller

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  • Laura Geller shares her top makeup tips and favorite beauty products for women over 40.

  • Her beauty brand, Laura Geller, created National Mature Women’s Day to address society’s fixation on youthful beauty.

  • You can shop all the products on Amazon or

Laura Geller is a lover of all things beauty and cosmetics. The professional makeup artist and founder of the Laura Geller beauty brand has been creating top-rated makeup for years. And she’s been doing so while celebrating people of all ages—which the artist says she doesn’t see enough of within the industry.


“Growing up in this business and getting to a place where now I’m in my early 60s, I recognize the changes in every decade, and myself,” says Geller. “I’m far more into what somebody needs at 40, 50, 60, 70, and beyond. And I felt that was a category of people that were being left out and not heard in regards to their makeup needs.”

Luckily, the 65-year-old makeup artist shared her top beauty tips for creating a flawless makeup look on mature skin. And, of course, the products from her collection that she swears by to get the job done.

Learn all about Geller’s top makeup tips and product picks for creating a smooth and beautiful complexion at any age.

Always apply a primer first

“You should always use a primer first and I’m proud to say we’re one of the first brands to come to the market with primers for all skin types. The Spackle Skin Perfecting Primer helps resurface the skin,” says Geller.

“If you’re dehydrated or have combination and mature skin, and you’re working with good skincare, but you’re not yet reaping the benefits of seeing your skin looking hydrated, this primer for dry skin gives you an instant glow,” she says.

Define your eyebrows with a pencil

“Always address your eyebrows, even if you didn’t groom them. It may be that you need to put a little pencil because there’s no doubt they don’t have the shape, the sculpting, and the same amount of hairs that you used to have,” Geller says cheekily. “So put a little brow product in to fill in your eyebrows.”

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Her go-to? The Bravo Brows Soft Pencil + Brush. “What I love is that it’s actually a powder suspended in a pencil. So it gives you the ease of applying like a pencil but looks like a soft natural powder.”

Add eyeliner to every makeup look

Eyeliner may sometimes seem like a more complex tool to use on mature skin, but it’s a product Geller says you should consider. “A lot of women with hooded lids feel like they shouldn’t put liner across the top of their eyes because they don’t think it will show. However, the minute you put eyeliner at the base of the lashes, it brings out and strengthens the shape of your eye,” she says.

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Geller recommends using the Kajal longwear eyeliner, which is formulated with vitamin E and caffeine to help reduce puffiness and redness. “I find that older women have problems with things staying on. Eyeliner tends to migrate or doesn’t stay as rich. So we created this chubby pencil with a formula that doesn’t come off until you’re ready to take it off,” she says.

Apply mascara to lengthen your lashes

“Definitely use gentle mascaras or false lashes,” adds Geller. “The minute you make your lashes look fuller, your eyes will look more open. So that’s a very important step.” And she enjoys using the Always There Waterproof Mascara, crafted with an ultra-creamy formula that works to strengthen and lengthen the lashes.

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“I never liked waterproof mascaras because when you went to take them off, sometimes it could pull out your lashes, but not with this one. It coats and hydrates your lashes, without causing any harm.”

With more than two decades in the beauty industry, Geller knows what she’s talking about. Shop all of Geller’s favorites above to create your best-looking beauty look!

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