What is Lemon8 and how is it related to TikTok?

If you’ve been hearing a lot of talk lately about something called Lemon8, you’re not alone.

According to TechCrunch, the lifestyle app has been getting a lot of press ever since its Chinese parent company, ByteDance, began promoting it to U.S. consumers. In the process, Lemon8 has shot to the top of the App Store, making it one of the most downloaded apps of the moment.

The marketing push comes at an interesting time, considering ByteDance also owns TikTok, which many U.S. lawmakers are currently looking to ban. Some are even wondering whether Lemon8 is ByteDance’s way of having a backup plan if a TikTok ban does go through.

To be clear, Lemon8 isn’t new — it’s just new to Americans, who seem to be taken with it.


The photo- and video-sharing platform first launched in Asia in 2020 to fairly moderate success, but now that it’s gaining popularity in the U.S., it’ll be interesting to see just how much it takes off.

The social media platform is specially tailored to those who like food, beauty, wellness and travel content. And while it’s mostly been seen as a direct rival of Instagram, it also incorporates some Pinterest-like elements, too. Some social media users have even described it as “if Instagram and Pinterest had a baby.”

As for its sudden popularity, a recent report by Insider may offer some insight: ByteDance has reportedly been paying content creators to post on Lemon8, in hopes of growing the platform by bringing their followers along for the ride. 

People have also been talking about it a lot on TikTok, which seems to be where the majority of users are hearing about it.

In the comments, a lot of TikTok users seem interested in trying it out.

“FINALLY off to the next app,” one person wrote.

“Now I just need something to replace fb marketplace,” another admitted.

The aesthetically pleasing app lets users upload their favorite fashion and beauty looks and tag the photo with wherever they bought it and for how much — a feature that many TikTok users have called “so cute.”

But others have grown a bit skeptical of the sudden push by ByteDance, wondering why they’ve seen so many TikTokers promoting it hard over the last few days and if it’s really as “cute” as some users are saying.

Either way, if you want to check it out for yourself, you can. The app is free to download from the App Store and has a 4.3 out of 5-star rating.

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