Letters to the editor: Housing ideas a must; anger at Fox; measure needed

Need new ideas for housing issue

Re: Nan Waltman’s March 15 letter, “Housing needs must be met”:

Yes, Ventura needs affordable housing for its workers. I also agree we need the water before we build.

Growth feeds on itself. More houses mean more fire stations, police, schools, and parks. Then more housing for these workers and their families. Where does it stop? When the east side hits Santa Paula? And can our water treatment plant and aging pipes even handle the additional wastewater? What about traffic? We can’t build another freeway. How about looking at current nonresidential housing? Can/should the city mandate vacation rentals be permanent rental housing? How about weekend homeowners? Can/should Ventura mandate a residency requirement, e.g., all housing must be lived in at least half the year? That would open up housing that is empty most of the time.


Owners will say they should get to do what they want. I am not belittling property rights. But Ventura has a housing crisis, and something’s got to give. Should families be homeless so someone can get rich providing what hotels already provide? Or so someone can enjoy their beach house a few weekends, leaving it otherwise unused?

A letter writer suggested a few months ago allowing industrial businesses to add worker housing to their buildings. Why not?

But even doing all this does not guarantee affordable housing. Maybe large employers could offer rent subsidies. They provide insurance, why not help with housing? Or two-worker families with double insurance could get housing subsidies instead of insurance from one of their employers.

Maybe hotels can designate some rooms as affordable housing for their single workers. The government center has many workers. How about annexing affordable employee housing condos to the administration building?

Yes, all this requires water, but likely much less than building more houses. We need new ideas.

Alison Carlson, Ventura

Should aim anger at Fox for lying

Re: Mark Jenkins’ March 14 letter, “First Amendment protects Fox” and Stuart Wing’s March 10 letter, “Revoke Fox’s broadcast license”:

Regarding Mr. Jenkins’ letter about the First Amendment rights of Fox News, it is not your opinion or mine that matters. Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and others all had the opinion that the election denial they were putting on the air was a lie. That’s been proven from their emails, and that is a reckless disregard for the truth. They knew they were lying to you, and they did it anyway. You should be mad at them, not Mr. Wing.

Randy Sherren, Ventura

Measure needed after limit repeal

Re: your March 16 story, “Supervisors vote to repeal campaign finance rules”:

It would appear that the only thing that will control the amount of influence that can be bought as a result of Supervisor Gorell’s repeal of the county limit on campaign contributions is a ballot measure. Where do I sign?

Bob Merrilees, Camarillo

This article originally appeared on Ventura County Star: Letters: Housing ideas a must; anger at Fox; measure needed