Letters to the editor for Nov. 26

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Port Commission took too long on Oyo Hotel

I find Port Commissioner Joe Downing’s lack of initiative and foresight on the matter of the Oyo Hotel-Housing Authority plan for senior housing more than disappointing. He seems a bit perturbed that he has to get off his duff and provide a service for his community.

Hopefully voters will opt “to punt” when it comes time for Mr. Downing’s re-election.

John Montrose, Olympia

Remembering domestic violence victims

Come Saturday, Nov. 27, the local Zonta Club of South Puget Sound will place orange pinwheels near the Tivoli Fountain at the Capitol Campus to recall the 83 homicides in Washington state in 2019-2020 in the context of intimate partner violence.

Per the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence which collates data semiannually, these murders include “domestic violence victims killed by abusive partners; children, friends and family members of domestic violence victims killed by abusers; law enforcement officers killed by abusers; abusers killed by domestic violence victims, often in self-defense; abusers killed by friends, family, or bystanders intervening on behalf of a victim.”

Why at this time of year do we use these pinwheels as a visual reminder of lives lost? Zonta, a 101-year-old international organization dedicated to working for women’s equality, asks its members to observe annually the 16 Days of Activism. This time frame from Nov. 25 (International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Women) to Dec. 10 (International Human Rights Day) is used to educate and promote action for a world in which no woman lives in fear of violence.

Join us in the on-going campaign ZONTA says NO to Violence against Women, and No to Child Marriage, along with advocating on behalf of gender-based violence survivors.

Margaret Foran, Olympia

Column contained dangerous political views

Recently The Olympian published a column entitled “Democrats’ progressive wing is on a kamikaze mission,” written by Marc A. Thiessen, a columnist with dangerous far-right political views. Primarily when he falsely compares the word “liberal” to “socialism,” the columnist enthusiastically lashes out at President Biden’s legislation now in the Senate, calling it a ”liberal multi-trillion-dollar social spending monstrosity.” That bill is focused on giving tax cuts to American families raising children and programs designed to help those minimized by color toward upward social mobility. It is tax and social reform that rewards work, not wealth.

Unfortunately, his views mirror the long history of Republican resistance to any legislation bettering the lives of the working class, going back to President Roosevelt’s time and continuing today, when any bill is enacted that improves the lives of the many. To name a few: Social Security, civil rights, women’s rights, affordable medical care.

Sadly, a large number of rank-and-file Republicans also have been badly misled into believing traitorous self-serving innuendoes, half-truths and lies by the likes of this colunist and his party leaders, effectively priming the politically gullible into becoming willing participants in providing unreliable outspoken criticism of our constitutional form of government and even more incredulous advocating for its overthrow.

It is a very scary contradiction to the fact that throughout our nation’s history, citizen soldiers serving in the military united as Americans and heroically fought and died alongside Democrats to preserve our noble experiment of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all.

Robert Swanson, Olympia

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