Lexus Teases 2024 LBX SUV With Some Fancy Lights

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The Lexus LBX, coming soon.
The Lexus LBX, coming soon.

You know what the world really needs right now: another SUV. Thankfully, Lexus is on hand to meet that demand with its latest and greatest, which has been teased ahead of its full launch next month.

Called the Lexus LBX, the new model will premiere on June 5 when we should find out all there is to know about the new car. Until then, Lexus has shared a couple of renders of the LBX, which give us a few details of what we can expect from the model when it launches.

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First up, there’s a darkened image of the rear end of the car, which shows off the line of its illuminated tail lights. This image is giving crossover or SUV vibes, thanks to the higher positioning of the tail lights.

A render of the rear lights on the Lexus LBX.
A render of the rear lights on the Lexus LBX.

It’s giving “yet another SUV.”

The second image shows the headlights on the car, Lexus must know how car fans like to obsess over lighting details. In this picture, we can see a hatched grille pattern up front, as well as a flash of chrome detailing on the nose, and an excellent blush pink finish.

But these images, and the LBX nameplate, are all that Lexus has to share with us for now. However, Car Magazine in the UK has taken a crack at guessing some more details about the upcoming model. The site reports:

“We can speculate about the name, too; L likely stands for Lexus, B likely points to the B-segment market (so Ford Puma, Vauxhall Mokka etc.) and X again implies it’s an SUV – or something akin to one. Here, Lexus is very likely building something akin to the Toyota Yaris Cross, albeit with the Lexus brand’s sharp design cues and plusher interior.”

If this is the case, and the LBX does bear a resemblance to the Toyota Yaris Cross, then this could become the smallest car Lexus currently has in its range. The 2023 Yaris Cross is just 165 inches long, while Lexus’ current shortest model is the UX, which is 12 inches longer.

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