Lia Block Will Pilot Her Dad’s Car At Pikes Peak

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Let’s go Lia!

The wild Hoonipigasus Porsche designed specifically for the crazy conditions at Pikes Peak International Hill climb will be piloted by Lia Block, daughter of the late Ken Block, according to a Racer report. She’s stepping into some awfully big shoes and all eyes will be on her, so we sincerely hope she rises to the occasion and makes her dad proud.

Remember Ken Block’s greatest Gymkhana moves here.

The original plan was for Ken Block to drive all-wheel-drive, 1,400-horsepower monster at Pikes Peak International Hillclimb back in 2022, but things didn’t line up. Engine failure sidelined the race car at the last minute.


As you might have guessed, Hoonipigasus is a modern tribute to the Pink Pig, the 1971 Porsche 917/20 that competed at Le Mans and has one of the most famous liveries in racing.

At 16, Lia Block is a little on the young side for Pikes Peak. However, her dad has seemingly trained her well. Also, she’s not competing with other drivers but instead is driving the Hoonipigasus in a “tribute run” to her dad. Considering the event is right after Father’s Day, that’s quite the appropriate thing to do.

Ken Block’s last time competing at Pikes Peak was all the way back in 2005. Last year was supposed to mark his triumphant return to the notorious mountain road course. With dangerous switchbacks and steep drop-offs, combined with incredibly thin air near the finish line, the competition has been plagued with unfortunate accidents in the past. Organizers have taken extraordinary steps to prevent serious accidents, even banning motorcycles from competition and taking other precautionary measures.

However, with a purpose-built car like the Hoonipigasus Lia Block should be able to stick the turns and keep her ride going on a safe line all the way to the finish line. While Lia has raced before, this should be the most important events she’s participated in yet.

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