Liberty Walk's Widebody Lamborghini Countach Is 2024 Excess Stacked On Top Of 1980s Excess

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Lamborghini’s iconic mid-engine V12 doorstop supercar from the 1980s stands out as one of the most aggressively styled vehicles of all time. The original Marcello Gandini-styled prototype was all angles and wedges, but it managed it in an elegant way. Paolo Stanzani’s tweaks for the production version upped the angular aggression tenfold. Take that 1980s champion of speed and exotic vision and bring it into the modern world where nothing is ever chill, and you’ve got a recipe for a piece of art that will thumbtack itself to the vision board of your prefrontal lobe.

That’s exactly what Liberty Walk has done here with race-inspired overfenders, boxed rockers, skirts, splitters, extractors, diffusers, and wings. This car owes as much of its visual success to the good folks at Liberty Walk as it does Gandini and Stanzani. These wild-eyed Japanese tuners are more than happy to build something that is an assault on the senses. This car will roundhouse kick your eyeballs straight into the back of your head and be ready for a second round when you regain your sensibilities. And for that, I absolutely love it.

Photographer and all-around rad guy Larry Chen got to run a nighttime photo shoot with this car in one of the busiest cities in the world, and as with everything he does, it turned out incredibly. The car just lends itself so well to a brutalist concrete jungle, like it’s at home melting into the evening asphalt. It’s like something from a dream. If I saw this car out on the street in real life, I’d definitely take notice, and I think that’s its whole purpose.

Surprise purple widebody Ferrari F40 jump scare. Bet you didn’t see that one coming.

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