Listen to the 2024 Mustang Dark Horse Accelerate

Photo credit: DtRockstar1 / YouTube
Photo credit: DtRockstar1 / YouTube

Ford's new S650 Mustang range includes a track-focused, new-for-2024 variant called the Dark Horse. While we do not know exactly how powerful the car is going to be, we know that a targeted output of around 500 hp should make it a fairly capable track car. Now, we also know what it sounds like under acceleration.

In a video shared by YouTuber DtRockstar1 taken at the Mustang Stampede event where the car was announced, we can see a numbered Dark Horse S650 idling at a gas station across the way from a few older Mustang models. The fourth generation 5.0 Coyote V-8 is seen in the engine bay and heard aggressively idling, then the driver pulls away for a full-throated acceleration run. As you might expect, the Dark Horse sounds suitably aggressive for a performance-focused Mustang.


The Dark Horse can be equipped with either a 10-speed automatic or the Tremec-sourced six-speed manual also seen on the Mach 1. Recalibrated MagneRide shock absorbers and additional cooling aid the car's track readiness, while additional stiffness comes from new Ford Performance-designed braces. All that makes the Dark Horse the performance car for the enthusiast looking to drive their Mustang to the track, but more dedicated enthusiasts also have the option to order the Dark Horse S and Dark Horse R. These two track-only variants that ratchet up the extreme nature of the car much further, with the R even prepared to race competitively.

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