Listen to This 9.0-Liter Twin-Turbo Viper ACR Make 2500 HP on the Dyno

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Photo credit: Nth Moto - YouTube
Photo credit: Nth Moto - YouTube

Nth Moto, the Minnesota shop responsible for some truly gigantic-number Viper builds, is at it again. Its newest job, a Viper ACR, might be its most ridiculous yet. Though this ACR looks stock, it's packing one of Nth Moto's own billet aluminum 9.0-liter V-10 engine blocks paired to a couple of turbos and a sequential transmission. It's ridiculously powerful and sounds wonderful.

The company recently published a dyno video showing off its latest build 0n a customer's ACR. Gone is the stock V-10 block, in its place a new billet aluminum unit expanded to a full 9.0 liters. It's been kitted out with new internals, including billet-crank-specific cylinder sleeves, and a dry-sump oiling system. In place of the factory six-speed manual is a sequential unit getting power to the rear.

The car was able to lay down 2571 horsepower and 2009 lb-ft of torque to Nth Moto's hub dyno. For some context, that's around four times what the car made from the factory. It's also roughly 1000 more horses than a Bugatti Chiron. Not bad for a Dodge.

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