Listen to the Ford Bronco Raptor's Exhaust Sound Up Close for the First Time

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Photo credit: Ford
Photo credit: Ford

The Ford Bronco Raptor is the coolest Bronco variant to come from the Blue Oval yet. Packing upgraded body, suspension, and drivetrain bits for even better off-roadability, it's expected to be the most capable, most expensive Bronco you can buy. Now you can hear what it sounds like close-up for the first time.

The Motrolix YouTube channel managed to film a pre-production Ford Bronco Raptor as it was leaving a recent car show event, giving us a chance to hear the hardcore off-roader start up and idle.

Under the hood sits a twin-turbo 3.0-liter EcoBoost V-6 making over 400 hp. Ford has yet to release final power numbers. This engine also has a home in the Explorer ST and the Lincoln Aviator, but here it features Raptor-specific tuning and true dual exhaust piping from front to back. The exhaust exits under the car just before the rear bumper and comes with electronically controlled valving to adjust the sound and volume.

Though there isn't much revving involved, it's easy to tell just how rowdy the Bronco Raptor will sound. The V-6 engine configuration has a reputation for less-than-stellar exhaust notes, but hopefully this one can break through the mold, despite the two turbos muffling the noise.

via Ford Authority

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