Listening To A C8 Z06 Corvette Accelerate Is Pure Symphony

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Flat-plane crank V8s are divine…

Not everyone is going to agree and that’s fine, but we think one of the sweetest sounds in the automotive world is a nice flat-plane crank V8 engine at WOT. That’s just one of the many impressive things about the new C8 Z06 Corvette, a model that not only rivals quite a few supercars when it comes to performance and price but also audio symphonic qualities.

Check out C8 ZR1 prototypes spotted in the wild here.

To help all the poors who can’t afford a C8 Z06 better understand what all the hype is about, Hennessey Performance took a video of one with the Z07 package accelerating hard from 0 to 188 mph. That gives you a better idea of the aural effect sitting inside the American sports car, although we’re sure it sounds cool as hell for those standing outside as it speeds by.


Hennessey makes it clear the high-speed run was done on a closed course, not a public road. Sadly, we see incidents of Corvette owners and others thinking busy city streets are a place to really open up their car’s performance, but they’re not.

Just remember, a new Z06 is going to cost you an arm and a leg. Sure, you supposedly can get one starting at just over $100,000, which is not a low price even though some people are pretending it is, but honestly nobody is getting one that’s completely stripped down. Once you start adding some nice options, especially things like the Z07 package, that price skyrockets. And then there are dealers adding their own undercarriage coating services and the like. Is the sports car worth the cost? That’s for you to decide, if you can even afford it.

Check out the sound of the 2023 Chevy Corvette Z06 accelerating from 0 to 188 in the video.

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