LOLGAS C7 Corvette Wanted In California Attempted GTA

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LOLGAS C7 Corvette Wanted In California Attempted GTA
LOLGAS C7 Corvette Wanted In California Attempted GTA

Oh California, we know if a really crazy story doesn’t hail from Florida then the Golden State is the next most likely origin. This one involves a C7 Corvette bearing a Viriginia Gadsden Flag vanity plate reading “LOLGAS” being involved in an attempted grand theft auto case.

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The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office is asking the public for help locating the pictured C7 Corvette with what is obviously a novelty plate. They say back on October 9 the sports car drove up to a car parked in Calabasas on the 24000 block of Calabasas Road. A man got out of the passenger door and smashed the driver’s side window of a parked car, reports Fox LA.


While the man who broke into the car, which the report didn’t specify what make and model the victim’s car was, it does say the man couldn’t get it started. He did steal a removable roof panel, so it’s possible the vehicle was another Corvette. We’ve seen quite a few cases of thieves stealing their roof panels as a quick score.

What’s truly bizarre about this case is the license plate on the C7 Corvette. Either someone has a sense of ironic humor or just found the plate somewhere and thought it was a good thing to use, but the “LOLGAS” vanity plates are almost exclusively used on Teslas if not other EVs as a way to “own” ICE drivers.

Combining that vanity plate wording with the Virginia Gadsden Flag plate is… interesting. We’re not saying it couldn’t happen in real life, just that it’s highly unlikely. We know you can order novelty license plates online, something many of the “street racer” crowd likes to do. Quite a few of them think it’s hilarious to by the “WILLRUN” vanity plate option, then run from the cops.

Anyway, LACSD is asking anyone with information about this car or the crime to call LA Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-TIPS (8477).