It Looks Like the Elantra Is About to Be Less Ugly

2024 elantra
It Looks Like the Elantra Is About to be Less UglyHyundai

The Hyundai Elantra N is one of our favorite small performance cars. It's more fun to drive than many dedicated sports cars and is pretty much an unparalleled value, coming in at thousands less than the cars it directly competes with. However, there's always been one issue: it's tough to look at.

It's true, the Elantra and Elantra N, for as brilliant as they are to drive and how nice the interiors are, can be tough on the eyes when you're walking up to it. A big part is the massive expanse of grille, just a big black chasm that overpowers everything. Thankfully, Hyundai just unveiled a refreshed Elantra for Korea, and the hope is that we'll be getting it soon. It just looks so much better.

elantra 2024

The elements from the current car are still there, but the design tones them down just enough to keep them unique, but not offensive. There's now a light bar across the top of the grille, and the grille itself is much less overbearing, as it is bisected by a bit of bodywork. As you may have guessed, most of the changes are limited to the front end, with the rear looking essentially the same.


We don't have a time frame for when the updated Elantra will reach the U.S., but as this is supposed to be the 2024 model year car, we can likely look for it to arrive here in the fall. Hopefully, an N with the updated design follows soon after.

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