It Looks Like The Tesla Cybertruck Is Going To Get A Little Cybertrunk In Its Cyberbed

Tesla Cybertruck concept
Tesla Cybertruck concept

Unless you’re an Elon Musk fanboy who is convinced there’s nothing wrong with him platforming bigots, spreading white genocide nonsense, making anti-semitic comments and just generally being a terrible person, you probably think the Tesla Cybertruck is going to be an extremely dumb truck. Still, it’s coming. One of these days. Eventually. So at least the Joe Rogan bros have something to look forward to. And when it does, it’ll apparently have a little trunk in its bed.

InsideEVs found a video posted on Twitter that appears to show a Cybertruck prototype with a small, likely watertight storage area in the bed area. Emphasis on small. It’s hard to tell exactly how large the in-bed storage area is, but based on the video, it looks like it’s just big enough to hold a car cover. Which isn’t a lot. So if you had visions of filling that puppy with ice and popping a few cold ones with the boys, you’ll probably be disappointed.

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