Los Angeles Police Make Street Takeover Bust

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Los Angeles Police Make Street Takeover Bust
Los Angeles Police Make Street Takeover Bust

It was a busy weekend in Los Angeles with over 15 separate street takeovers reported by local news. Police decided to drop the hammer on one of them, bragging about impounding over 30 vehicles. Yet the problem is obviously far bigger. We guess this is all about celebrating the small victories.

California is looking at limiting vehicle speeds automatically.

The takeover LAPD just couldn’t abide was on the newer 6th Street Bridge, which in the past the city has literally shut down to keep takeovers from shutting it down. Well, it happened again, so instead of putting the smack down on one of the takeovers in Compton or elsewhere in the city, police decided to round up the participants on the bridge.


In a way this makes sense. After all, a bridge is the perfect trap and these genius criminals all gather on it, never realizing all police have to do is shut down both ends, then work towards the middle. Maybe that’s a bit too sophisticated – we actually don’t know exactly how LAPD pulled off this bust.

All we do know is the official LAPD Central Division X account bragged about the bust “while you were sleeping” on January 28. It states the “offenders fled to lower grand tunnel area where they were detained.” We think shutting down both ends of the bridge and catching all the offenders is a much better idea, but we lack the wisdom LAPD brass and especially DA Gaston wield daily.

What’s weird about this incident is police have said very little about it. If this was such a big bust and a decisive blow against the rampant street takeover scene in Los Angeles, wouldn’t they be trotting out details and taking a victory lap or five?

Something tells us this weekend or maybe the next there will be just as many if not more street takeovers in the City of Angels. It’s almost like criminals aren’t afraid of prosecution in Los Angeles County, which is just weird.

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