Lost Jet Ski Tourists Shot And Killed By Algerian Coast Guard

A jet-ski moored on a beach.
A jet-ski moored on a beach.

Four French-Moroccan dual nationals set off on jet skis from Saidia, a Moroccan resort city along the country’s eastern border with Algeria. The four tourists got lost and ran out of fuel in the Mediterranean Sea but eventually found themselves in Algerian waters. BBC News reported a dinghy operated by the Algerian Coast Guard met the quartet out on the water, and those onboard the craft opened fire without warning.

Only a single person, Mohamed Kissi, returned after the deadly altercation. The Algerian Coast Guard shot and killed two of the four jet skiers. A third tourist was arrested. Kissi tried to swim back to Morocco and was rescued by the Royal Moroccan Navy. Kissi told AFP, “They arrested my other friend. Five bullets hit my brother and my friend. My other friend was hit by a bullet.” He also claims that his group didn’t and couldn’t attempt to flee when they were spotted by Algeria’s coast guard.

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