Lotus chases Mulliner with new Chapman Bespoke service

Lotus Chapman Bespoke badge
Lotus Chapman Bespoke badge

Special badging adorns cars personalised through Chapman Bespoke service

Lotus has launched a new sub-brand offering enhanced personalisation of its cars, ranging from unique colour combinations to one-off specials.

Named Chapman Bespoke after company founder Colin Chapman, it will offer three levels of customisation: ‘tailor-made’ for special colours and materials, ‘collection’ for limited-edition collaborations with luxury brands and ‘one-off’ for completely bespoke cars.

Qingfeng Feng, CEO of the Lotus Group, said: “The story of Lotus is the story of a bespoke car maker. The first cars were hand-drawn and hand-built at home by Colin Chapman, and that spirit lives on in us today.”

The move is likely to have been inspired by the huge bounties reported by rival companies’ similarly conceived personalisation services.