The Lotus Emeya 905-HP EV Super Sedan Configurator Is Live

lotus emeya
The Lotus Emeya EV Super Sedan Configurator Is UpLotus

While the near future for Lotus includes one more great gas-powered sports car, the brand's owners have decided that its next life will be as an all-electric luxury performance brand meant to rival Porsche. That started with the Lotus Eletre SUV and continues with its Taycan rival, the 905 hp Emeya sedan. The sedan is set to go into production later in 2024, so Lotus has finally launched a configurator for their new four-door.

The web configurator only lets buyers pick from the most powerful Emeya R trim at the moment, although base and S models with a relatively paltry 603 hp will be offered as well. Options include five colors, five sets of wheels, and a "Lotus Dynamic Handling Pack." The website also curiously includes a drop-down menu for side-view mirrors, but the only option listed under the tab is the camera-and-door-screen pairing shown when the car was launched. Hopefully, that will eventually be joined by a more traditional mirror option.

With 905 hp, the Emeya should be more than powerful enough to offset the massive weight that comes with a performance EV. Whether or not it makes sense as a Lotus product, that still means the car reaches 0-60 in under 3 seconds. It should be a promising contender in the electric sport sedan market when production begins this year. Pricing for both the base car and any of the options available are not listed on the company's site or in the configurator, but we expect the R model to start around $120,000 before options.

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