Lotus Emeya Hyper-GT 4-Seater EV Will Thrill Your Entourage

lotus emeya hypergt seats 4 screaming people
Lotus Emeya Hyper-GT 4-Seater EV Coming Next YearLotus
  • Lotus redefines what's possible for four people with the new Emeya four-door, four-seat all-electric sedan.

  • Top speed is 155 mph, and 0-62 mph comes up in 2.8 seconds.

  • Pricing, power, and performance specs will be out closer to the car's 2024 launch.

Previously, if you wanted to drive at absurd speeds, the most you could bring with you was one other (possibly terrified) person. Consider the Rimac Nevera, Pininfarina Battista, Aston Martin Valkyrie, Bugatti Chiron, etc.

Well, the world is changing. It is acknowledging that there are families out there, or at least entourages, who want to be in the car with their special someone all the time, even when accelerating to highway speed in less than three seconds, or when going 155 mph.


Enter the Lotus Emeya, an all-electric Hyper-GT that Lotus claims will go 155 mph and hit 62 mph from a standstill in 2.8 seconds. Your entourage will never be the same again.

“We’re pushing the boundaries for how a luxury electric vehicle should look and handle—making it truly for the drivers,” said Feng Qingfeng, CEO of Lotus Group.

“…for the drivers…” Passengers: you’re on your own.

lotus emeya hypergt seats 4 interior
Interior includes a large, horizontal infotainment screen.Lotus

Though not stated by Lotus, the Emeya will almost certainly share underpinnings with the previously announced Eletra SUV. It will likely compete with other four-seaters of similarly ridiculous performance. Consider the following competitors:

  • Porsche Taycan Turbo S: 750 hp, 0-60 mph in 2.6 seconds, top speed 161 mph, $194,900.

  • Tesla Model S Plaid: 1020 hp, 0-60 in 1.99 seconds (eventually), top speed 200 mph, $89,990.

  • Koenigsegg Gemera: 2300 hp (!?), 0-62 mph in 1.9 seconds, 249 mph (out next year).

Like the Taycan and the Tesla, the Lotus Emeya is all-electric, though no specs on the battery size or chemistry were revealed. Lotus did say the Emeya will include “advanced and active aerodynamics” that will have an active front grille, rear diffuser, and rear spoiler.

“All this, combined with a low center of gravity that Lotus calls ‘hyperstance’ enhances stability when driving, and sets a new standard in the GT segment for ride and handling excellence,” Lotus promises.

Likewise, Emeya will have an electronically controlled air suspension system with sensors that “feel the road 1000 times a second.”

Lotus is still short on specifications and long on hyperbole: “Emeya brings together emotion and logic, power and precision, and connects the strength of Lotus sports car DNA with four-door luxury and comfort,” it said.

In addition to the now-requisite phalanx of sustainably sourced interior materials, engineers added a KEF audio system.

If you happen to be in New York City on Saturday, Sept. 9, you can see not only the new car in the carbon fiber, but an immersive experience Lotus is calling, “Studio Emeya.”

lotus emeya hypergt rear end yellow
Lotus Emeya.Lotus

It takes up four levels of a parking garage (New Yorkers must have loved losing four floors of parking!) and will show the past, present, and future of the brand. You can get free tickets here for the event, to be held at 270 11th Avenue, New York, NY, 10001.

And what about the name, Emeya? After an exhaustive Google search we found that it’s a girl’s name meaning “a congenial nature with the desire to associate in friendship and understanding both socially and in the business world,” according to Kabalarian Philosophy. says the meaning is, “Dreamer, Wisedom (sic), hard worker.” had nothing.

But really, who said all Lotii had to have a name beginning with an E? No one would violently object if the chaps in Hethel called the next car The Badger, or, The Fighting Weasel, or—aw heck, send them some suggestions.

Looking forward to learning more about the Lotus Emeya at the end of this year? Please comment below.