Lotus's 900-HP SUV Can Get to 60 in Less Than 3 Seconds

lotus eletre
Lotus's SUV Can Get to 60 in Less Than 3 SecondsLotus

If you're reading this website, then you're surely familiar with Lotus, the British maker of lightweight, no-frills sports cars. The small company has had its financial issues over the years, but a cash injection from Chinese automaker Geely, which is now the majority owner, has seen Lotus's financial future become settled. But part of that investment was a major change. The company will go from a maker of sports cars to a full line automaker, one that will eventually only sell EVs.

Its first EV is this, the Eletre SUV. It's the first SUV from Lotus, and it's a big thing. In its top spec, it also has 900 hp, which makes it the most powerful Lotus ever by more than two times.

This in-depth video shows just how quick it is, getting to 60 in 2.99 seconds and running the quarter mile in 10.78:

That's bananas.


But almost as impressive as the speed is the interior of this thing. Not only does it look spacious, but it's thoughtfully designed with a lot of great little touches that make it luxurious and practical. Seems like a nice spot to spend some time.

Of course, there is still the question of an electric Lotus SUV. How does it fit with the 75 year old brand? It's the same questions Porsche got when the Cayenne was released decades ago. Seems like they're doing okay now, right?

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