Low-Mileage Corvette Z06 Convertible Being Sold Saturday At Barrett-Jackson

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An American automobile with performance untouched by any supercar.

Chevrolet is a major player in the game of popular sports cars around the globe which makes supercars shiver every time they show up to race. Over the years, the ‘Vette evolved from a first generation roadster or coupe with enough power to compete with European sports cars to a full-blown mid-engine race car, the Corvette has always been a fundamental part of American life. One particularly great example of this piece of American car culture is the 2019 Chevrolet Corvette Z06. Big power numbers, great looks, and style unlike any other made this ‘Vette a true enthusiast vehicle. Of course, you won't have to take it from anyone else,you can just get behind the wheel as the Corvette is currently up for auction.

Under the hood is where you might find the number one feature that makes the automobile great, the engine. A monstrous 6.2-liter V8 engine shakes every body panel on this well-built sports car that embodies the bloodline of GM performance. On top of that, you, as the driver, get to control every aspect of the vehicle’s motion up to and including power transfer. This is very well accomplished through the use of a six-speed manual transmission which has become an iconic symbol of American automotive performance.

You’ll have tons of fun shifting gears within an interior which some would be shocked to find inside an American car. That's because everything from the upholstery to the bright red color matches the Corvette, both in scheme and attitude. Topping it all off is the convertible top which, while it may not be everyone’s thing, has a lot of cool benefits such as access to a very free-feeling driving experience. Imagine feeling the wind in your hair and your foot on the gas in this incredibly fast sports car which is more than capable of wiping the floor with its counterparts across the ocean.

Visit to see more great cars like this Porsche. Better yet, if you are in Scottsdale for the auctions go see their showroom. It is a short distance from the auctions.

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