Low-Speed Suspect Puts Up Quite The Fight

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Low-Speed Suspect Puts Up Quite The Fight
Low-Speed Suspect Puts Up Quite The Fight

Usually, when people are going to run from the law, they try to go as fast as their vehicle will allow. Sure, you have to drive for conditions, so if you’re on a road with lots of twists and turns you need to slow down, but in general the idea is to go really fast and leave the cops eating your dust. However, lately we’ve seen a string of low-speed chases like this guy in a Chevy Silverado, only this guy puts up way more of a fight than we expected.

Watch a sheriff’s deputy pull over a police officer for speeding here.

After giving local law enforcement hell, this suspect gets the pleasure of having an Arkansas State Police trooper on his tail. At first the trooper has to request through dispatch that the other officers and deputies chasing this guy back off. But one of them stays in front of the suspect, playing a game of chicken until the Silverado actually hits him, then makes a sudden turn onto a dirt road.

Even though this guy doesn’t go fast, the ASP trooper does indeed eat his dust on that dirt road. But he doesn’t lose his pursuer because he’s too easy to keep up with. Is his truck ailing? Does the guy care too much about fuel economy? We have so many questions.


Going slow doesn’t mean this guy is going easy. He seems to know how to slip out of every PIT the trooper tries setting up, foiling each attempt. Normally ASP can at least connect on a few tries, but time and again this guy is just plain disruptive. Something tells us he’s a veteran of this rodeo.

But the guy can’t hold out forever and eventually gets his PIT, which rolls the top-heavy truck. Thankfully it ends up on its wheels, but we can imagine that didn’t feel too good. Still, this suspect got much further along at low speeds than we ever would’ve guessed.

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