LS-Powered Datsun Shows Off In Nevada

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They put what inside a Datsun?

Ls Fest is a pretty great event for anyone with a taste for enthusiast-based vehicles powered by an LS-platform engine. Everything from Firebirds to swaps are more than welcome to attend with some of the more popular V8s being the 5.3, LS1, and LS3. Because of the diverse nature of this show, you can typically find some pretty crazy builds. This particular car is a great example to showcase some of the wilder vehicles known to frequent the event. Roaring with the fiery sound of an LS V8 is a classic Datsun, something that nobody expected to see at a spectacle designed for the American muscle/pony car community.

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Nicknamed the Dirty Datsun, this 1969 Datsun is a spectacle to be sure and a great tribute to everything that the car originally stood for. Essentially, this was one of the best small sports cars you could find in Japan back in the day with an emphasis on handling over speed. Like many enthusiasts with a passion for building and racing cars, this base was pretty appealing to the owner but it certainly didn't have the kind of power he was looking for. So to prepare this baby for autocross and drag racing, he threw in a crazy LS V8 engine to better fit the job.

In fact, this is more than just powered by an LS. Rather it boasts the entire drivetrain, front cradle, and suspension from a C5 Corvette. You might even call this car a C5 Corvette wearing a Datsun’s clothing because of how many GM parts are on it. Actually, that would be a very accurate description of the car as the body was put together on top of the frame of the owner’s Corvette. Naturally, the chassis had to be custom made to fit everything under that tiny exterior but all in all it came out looking great. Even better, it lays down some pretty impressive times on nearly every kind of track out there making it a truly amazing classic custom built race car.

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