Lucid Wants to Sell a $50,000 EV by 2030: CEO

Lucid Wants to Sell a $50,000 EV by 2030: CEO photo
Lucid Wants to Sell a $50,000 EV by 2030: CEO photo

Tesla's first high-volume product was the Model S luxury sedan, which set the stage for the company's march toward the mainstream Model 3 a few years later. Now, it appears Lucid may be attempting to tread a similar path with plans to produce more affordable cars in the near future.

In an interview with ABC News, Lucid Motors CEO Peter Rawlinson discussed the company's plans and the current state of the automotive industry. The ex-Tesla engineer (Lotus and Jaguar, too) has overseen the development of the Lucid Air and the upcoming Gravity SUV, with the company's vehicles offering prodigious range and compelling performance. Down the line, though, Rawlinson plans to turn the company's attention to models that can appeal to a broader market.

"The key obstacle to widespread adoption in the U.S. and worldwide is the entry price point of an electric car," Rawlinson told ABC. "I am profoundly aware that we need to push the price down so more people can afford electric cars."