Madelyn Cline Is Giving 'Risky Business' In Pantsless 'WWD' Shoot On IG

Madelyn Cline Is Giving 'Risky Business' In Pantsless 'WWD' Shoot On IG
  • Madelyn Cline just dropped some new photos from a WWD shoot on Instagram, and in one photo, she was giving a total Risky Business look.

  • The actress, 25, showed off her super toned legs in a pantsless outfit, complete with a button-down shirt.

  • When it comes to her body, Madelyn is all about self-love, and embraces her curves.

If you've seen the iconic 1983 flick Risky Business, you'll know that Madelyn Cline is channeling her best Tom Cruise in a recent shoot for WWD. She recently posted some outtakes to her Instagram feed, and they are ~everything~.

On one pic, the 25-year-old Outer Banks star rocked tights, no pants, and an oversized white collared shirt. Her hair is slicked back into a sleek bun, and the whole thing is effortlessly strong and iconic.


“wwd i love you. Thank you endlessly for having me 💫,” she captioned the photos. And as it turns out, I’m not the only one loving this glam moment on Madelyn.

Her friends and family were quick to weigh in on the look. “madelyn cline is mother,” one commenter posted below the photos. Another added, “alexa play god is a woman by ariana grande.” And I'd have to agree that this is the only proper response!

It's clear that the actress is rocking some mega-strong legs in the pics, so if you are wondering how she gets so toned—I have answers! For starters, she loves being outside. Madelyn told Women's Health that she grew up skiing but recently learned to snowboard for the first time.

And, of course, filming Outer Banks is a workout, too! She told Interview Magazine that the shoots are super physically challenging. "I get very sweaty. It’s a fun show, we have a good time shooting it. It is very physically demanding and emotionally taxing," she said. At one point, she was even rocking some pullups on set, so clearly shooting this series was no joke.