Magnussen urges F1 to learn from U.S. style of racing and racetracks

Kevin Magnussen says Formula 1 should learn from the style of racing and circuits used in American race series to help create a better product and lessen the need for stewards to hand out penalties.

The Dane is on the verge of a race ban after picking up multiple penalties — predominantly for leaving the track and gaining an advantage, but also for causing a collision with Logan Sargeant — at the Miami Grand Prix. Two more penalty points this season would result in a ban for Magnussen, and he says F1 could find solutions by following the examples set in IndyCar and IMSA, having made a one-off appearance for Arrow McLaren at Road America alongside his full IMSA season with Chip Ganassi Racing in 2021.

“The best thing would be for the FIA to tell us to give back positions, and then the consequence for not doing that being harsh — like really harsh, so you make sure that’s being done,” Magnussen said. “I think firstly it gets too complicated, and also too big a consequence. You have to be able to leave a bit of room to go over the limit and then come back from that, whereas now if they judge it to be an unfair advantage and it’s a drive-through penalty, I think that’s not good.


“I’ve raced in IndyCar, and I love the way they race over there — I feel the rules are very clear and very simple, and the racing is great. The racing has to be great amongst the 20 best drivers in the world. Formula 1 drivers are fast, but also very good at racing. You have to showcase that. That has to be part of it.

“We all came from karting and learned to race each other, and I feel now — certainly for myself with the guidelines this year — some of that is going against the natural racing dynamic that we’ve all learned from young kids. I know that’s a separate issue to going off and holding people back and all the stuff I got penalties for. I think that can be solved with telling us to give back positions, and the penalty for not doing that being very harsh.

“Tracks, that’s a big part too. I raced in IndyCar and also in sports cars in America and one thing that stood out was the tracks and how unbelievably different they are to F1 tracks.

“The cars over there, they’re low as well — we bounce around in the sports cars over there. I feel that we’re very sensitive to track stuff in Formula 1.

“I like the rough tracks; I prefer those. But also to the racing issue, tracks that have grass or gravel on the outside, you put this natural limit in and that sorts itself out. I feel that’s also an issue in Formula 1, just the tracks in general.”

Sam Bloxham/Motorsport Images

Magnussen also believes the fact there are more races per season compared to when the 12 penalty points rule was brought in — with each point lasting for 12 months from when they are earned — means the system needs updating.

“The fact I’m at risk of a race ban for driving outside of some white lines on a piece of tarmac, I don’t know if I feel that is right. But it is the way the rules are. So you know, I accept that. But I feel there’s room for improvement there, not only in terms of the points.

“There are more races now than there was when they were introduced. I feel you can end up getting a race ban effectively for a very minor thing.”

Story originally appeared on Racer