The Majority of Corvette Z06s Sold So Far Are Convertibles

2023 corvette z06 images
Majority of Corvette Z06s Sold Are ConvertiblesAndi Hedrick

The majority of Chevrolet Corvette Z06s sold to date are convertibles, a data sheet obtained by GM Authority shows.

According to the data, 51 percent of Z06s sold so far came with the electrically operated folding hardtop, while 49 percent came with the manually removable targa roof.

The data sheet also broke down sales to date by exterior and interior color. Black, at 14 percent, is the color of choice for most Chevrolet Corvette Z06 buyers to date, just beating out Torch red (12 percent) and Arctic white (nine percent). Caffeine was the least popular color, with a market share of just one percent. It's followed closely by Elkhart Lake blue, at four percent. Both colors have since been dropped by Chevy, according to Corvette Blogger.


Black is also the most popular interior color, with 30 percent of Corvettes—both Stingrays and Z06s—sporting the standard cabin shade. It's followed by Adrenaline red at 34 percent, then Sky Cool gray, at 10 percent. Seat belt color is a similar story, with Jet black taking the lead at 57 percent, then Adrenaline red at 27 percent.

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