Man accused of groping woman at restaurant says his arrest is ‘a Me Too thing,’ cops say

A man is accused of groping a woman at an Oklahoma restaurant, then punching a man who tried to intervene, police say.

The incident happened around 3:50 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 21, at a restaurant in Tulsa, where officers were dispatched for a report of a man “sexually assaulting a woman and causing a disturbance,” according to a news release.

Women at the restaurant told responding officers that the man, identified as Doyle Wilkins, walked up to their table and said, “I want to slap a (expletive),” Tulsa police said. He is accused of tapping one of the women’s faces with his hand.

When another woman tried to help, she was groped on her chest and pushed against the second-floor railing, Tulsa police said. She told officers she feared she would fall over the railing.

A man trying to intervene was punched by Wilkins several times before Wilkins was detained, the news release states.

“While in custody, Wilkins told officers that he didn’t do anything bad and claimed the officer was ‘trying to make this into a Me Too thing,’” police said.

The Me Too movement received international attention in 2017 as many people publicized their experiences of being sexually abused or harassed. The movement sparked dozens of allegations against film producer Harvey Weinstein, who has since been sentenced to 23 years in prison.

Wilkins, according to police, showed no remorse for his alleged actions and told officers he “can get out of this.”

He was charged with sexual battery, assault and battery, trespassing and public intoxication, police said.

Records show Wilkins was released from jail about five hours after he was booked Saturday.

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