Man Almost Run Over In Road Rage Fight

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Man Almost Run Over In Road Rage Fight
Man Almost Run Over In Road Rage Fight

A road rage fight in Southern California ended with one driver almost running over another while on foot. The whole thing was captured on dashcam and cellphone video, with parts shared by ABC7 in a report.

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The fight reportedly started with one driver cutting the other one off. It escalated to the point one man in white pulled off into a gas station and started taunting the other driver. When that driver pulled up, he got out of his vehicle and fists started flying.

Then the second driver got in his vehicle and took off and the other guy followed. They got into it later at an intersection, with both drivers out of their crossovers. After another round of direct physical confrontation, the second driver got into his vehicle and rammed the side of the other crossover.


That’s when we see the knife the man in white was wielding earlier. He slashes and stabs at the other driver through the open window, apparently scoring some bloody hits. The woman with him pushed him away and afterward we see him running off on foot, not in the crossover with her.

Seeing his opportunity, the second driver guns it right for the guy in white, barely missing him. Our understanding is in some places that’s considered assault with a deadly weapon.

Road rage has become a huge problem all across the US. Everyone seems to think it’s just an issue where they live because they’ve watched it explode right before their eyes. But we see reports like this from all over.

Drivers seem to take everything personally these days, like if you do anything they don’t like it’s a personal affront. From there they climb down into their brain’s basement and quickly flip to violence like they’re dealing with a predator.

The best thing to do in these types of situations is stay in your vehicle and not escalate any violence. Both drivers did the opposite and everything spun out of control.

Image via ABC7/YouTube

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