Man Arrested For Allegedly Eating Train Crash Victim's Leg

Photo: Jim Sugar (Getty Images)
Photo: Jim Sugar (Getty Images)

An Amtrak train in southern California struck and killed a pedestrian last week, severing their leg from their body via the force of the impact. Then, reportedly, another person happened along the site of the impact and walked away with the severed leg, and then eating it. People are wild.

The train impact happened at an Amtrak station in Wasco, California, just northwest of Bakersfield. The hungry passerby, now in custody, has been charged with removing evidence from the scene. I don’t know about you, but I feel like there should maybe be a different charge on that list. Sure, removing evidence, whatever, but did they miss the part where he allegedly ate another human being? KUTV has the details:

Officials said the man who allegedly removed evidence from the Amtrak station on Friday was identified as 27-year-old Resendo Tellez.


Deputies said they learned that Tellez allegedly removed evidence, a leg, from the scene.

A crew laying concrete outside of the station reported seeing a horrifying sight.

“I’m not sure from where, but he walked this way and he was waving a person’s leg. And he started chewing on it over there, he was biting it and he was hitting it against the wall and everything,” said Jose Ibarra, a worker who saw the incident.


Pro tip for everyone out there who may someday wander into the scene of a gruesome accident: Do not eat the victim. I did not think this would be a thing we’d have to go over here, but people are not really meant to be eaten. I know, Mythbusters always compared us to pork, but pigs aren’t usually loaded up with prion diseases transmitted through consumption.

If you want a big piece of meat to gnaw on, go grab a turkey leg like some sort of king of olde. Do not eat another human being. I can’t believe I have to say this.

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