Man Attacked By Classic Ford Thunderbird

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Guess we’ll have to start banning them…

We hear a lot of times about inanimate objects being the aggressors in horrific incidents, but never did we think a classic car would become such a monster. However, a report from The Telegraph details out how a classic Ford Thunderbird brutally assaulted a man in an unprovoked attack, making it clear we should really rethink an assault classic car ban.

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The attack, which took place in Wood River, Illinois, sent an unnamed 54-year-old man to the hospital. According to The Telegraph, the man was jumping the car battery, probably planning on taking his assault Thunderbird for a spin around town now that the weather is warming up.


However, it sounds like the car was in gear, because it lurched forward, hitting the man and smashing into a house. In all seriousness, if you’re jumping a car it needs to be in neutral (or park, if you’re driving a sissy automatic). We sincerely hope this man recovers from his injuries and that the damage to the car and house wasn’t too serious.

According to the local report, the Ford Thunderbird “suffered modern front end damage.” We wonder exactly what that means, but hopefully it’s mostly if not entirely cosmetic.

With the warmer weather, a lot of readers are heading out for the first time since putting their classic car up for winter storage. A lot can go wrong if you don’t check things over, then check them again before working on or driving your vehicle.

Another very real risk is all the crappy drivers out there. Sometimes it feels like half the people on the road are looking at their phone or touchscreen, trusting all the fancy cameras and sensors on their crossover will make up for their bad habits. Stay frosty, everyone!

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