Man With Bad Mustache Trashes Elvis’ Jet

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This is such a horribly Millennial thing to do…

A famous YouTuber whom I’d never heard of before, called James Webb of “Jimmy’s World,” just trashed Elvis’ 1962 Lockheed 1329 Jetstar after buying it at auction. Sure, the plane was rough and all, but this Florida Man with a bad mustache just rolled into New Mexico and paid other people to start chopping the thing up.

Check out the Motorious Podcast where we talk about this jet’s auction here.

To summarize what we covered before, the very rundown airplane was auctioned off at 2023 Mecum Kissimmee for a mere $260,000 after it sat for 40 years outside at the Roswell International Air Center. Not only was the exterior rough, the cockpit had been stripped of all kinds of instrumentation and switchgear. Apparently, many of the mechanicals from the plane had also been scavenged.

Webb explained that getting it airworthy again would’ve been cost preventative. I don’t doubt it would’ve been and that’s why he was able to pick it up for so cheap. Rather than go down that route, he’s decided to use the opulent passenger compartment to make a killer RV, creating what he calls the “Elvis Experience.” I wonder if he’ll find Elvis’ secret Twinkie stash at some point?

This is perhaps one of the most odious examples of being a Millennial I’ve seen in some time. Seriously, it’s almost embarrassing. You’re free to disagree with me, but admittedly I’m of the opinion Run DMC was closer to the King of Rock than Elvis, so that could be factoring into my judgment.

Already, I know Jimmy has a big internet following with fans who’re such rabid snowflakes they can’t stand to not have anyone fawning at him and kissing his YouTube-famous feet. They’ll demand my immediate cancellation because that’s what people who spend too much time on the internet and not enough time touching grass do. I’ve been through this sort of thing too many times to count now because heaven forbid I or anyone else in the world would disagree with entitled fans.

I seriously doubt Jimmy knows who I am, cares who I am, or wastes a single moment worrying about what I think of him and what he did to Elvis’ jet. If I were him I wouldn’t. Still, I just know some of his fans are seething while breathing in large quantities of copium right now. The modern world can be such a fragile, confused place.

If you want to check out Webb’s video about chopping up Elvis’ jet, check it out. Just be warned, there’s a mustache and Millennial shenanigans involved.

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